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Choose your pricing plan

  • Gold pak

    Every month
    An old school maintenance we actually take it apart.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Pre season cooling inspection, cleaning of furnace
    • Pre season heating inspection, cleaning of A/C
    • One pleated filter per month (size required) 1" base filter
    • One no charge priority emergency service call
    • Water heater inspection including ON DEMAND
    • ON DEMAND flush or tank blow down
    • If boiler - Boiler inspection and service
    • IBC Boiler customers *Unlimited remote access diagnostics*
    • IBC Boiler customers *Unlimited remote programing*
    • IBC *conditions apply*
  • Silver pak

    Every month
    An in depth inspection of components and common failure points.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Pre season cooling inspection, Furn service/cleaning
    • Pre season heating inspection, A/C service/cleaning
    • Water heater blow down
    • Bi monthly filter (6 pleated filters) size required.1"Filter
    • If boiler- inspect boiler and service
  • Bronze pak

    Every month
    A looky loo to let you know where things are starting to fail.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Pre season cooling inspection/report and recommend
    • Pre season heating inspection/report and recommend
    • Water tank inspection or ON DEMAND inspection/flush extra
    • If boiler - inspect boiler and recommend
  • No worries Furnace Rental

    Every month
    +$150 Admin
    We take care of maintenance, repairs, and warranty
    Valid for 120 months
    • All inclusive we provide filters, Furnace, Permits, install
    • Conditions Apply
    • Credit check may be required
    • Honestly we don't want you to rent or lease,
    • it costs more than any savings the equipment can provide.
  • Furnace only basic

    Every month
    Furnace inspection, minor cleaning, and system state report, one time per year.
    Valid for 12 months
    • Barely meeting the requirements for validating warranty.
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